Company Profile

As the leader in luxury branded corporate gifts sector, Prism gives consultancy services and supplies designer brands creating a one-stop solution to address the gifting needs of businesses for their clients, staff, business associates, partners & friends.

Our name ‘Prism’ is a reflection of the spectrum of choices we have available when it comes to the world of corporate luxury gifting. As the ‘prism’ of this sector, we supply and consolidate a spectrum of various appealing options to suit your gifting requirements and budget. Prism takes pride in offering exceptional levels of service coupled with great innovative ideas. Prism is a United Arab Emirates based company owned and managed by Mr. Mohammed Abdul Jalil Musabih whose remarkable business acumen that traces a decade back brought him at the forefront of today's corporate gifting world.

Why Choose Prism?
Just like a beautifully crafted prism transforming and reflecting pure white light into a spectrum of different colours, Prism takes your gifting requirements and provides you with a wide and colourful variety of solutions, a rich portfolio of luxury designer gifting products and customized branding. It is able to accommodate all your needs and requirements within your allocated budget. It presents a turnkey solution, giving you professional, economically advantageous and time-efficient results.

What is Prism?
Carefully chosen in our logo, the color blue is associated with depth, expertise, and stability. It also symbolizes trust, loyalty, seriousness, wisdom and confidence.
The color orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow to represent an enthusiastic , creative, determined company.